How I work

My specialty is body psychotherapy. With this very comprehensive and scientifically sound method I treat adults, alone or as couples, as well as adolescents over the age of 16.

The first meeting is about carefully assessing your needs and desires. After the initial interview, I can evaluate whether I have the right offer for you, or refer you to an adequate specialist.
The basic requirement for any therapy is a sustainable and trusting therapeutic relationship. Naturally, this is to be developed first. After a few sessions, you will notice if this essential condition is met. Of course, you can stop the therapy at any time.
Psychotherapy should always be individually tailored to the client. This means that I adapt my way of working, my approach and the pace to your needs.
In my work, I am subject to strict confidentiality, both to other persons and to all institutions.

Important requirements for successful psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy is always a teamwork! Therefore the 'chemistry' has to fit between you as a client and me as a psychotherapist. After the first meeting you should feel understood and welcome.
Various scientific studies have identified two stable, important factors in the success of psychotherapy:

  • The motivation and inner willingness of the client to engage in treatment.
  • An appropriate working relationship between client and therapist.
You should be willing to get truly involved in the therapy. In addition to adhering to the agreed deadlines and sincere co-operation, this sometimes includes the continuation of exercises between the meetings.

I can neither cure you nor change you. However, I can provide you with effective methods to strengthen your self-healing powers and initiate change processes. I can help you develop self-care and relationship skills. I can provide you with plausible explanatory models that help you better understand yourself and others. And I can offer you many 'tools' that you can use in your everyday life for better problem solving and conflict resolution.